Organic farming

Organic farming

Organic farming is one way to cultivate the land without adding any artificial or chemical material. It is based with the traditional culture, the use of organic fertilizers, rotation of the earth, fallow biological means of pest control and wildlife supplementary, etc ...

These cultivation techniques are prevention because they are much less harmful than conventional methods, which help considerably the health of the environment and man. Conventional production comes at the beginning of the twentieth century and the middle of this, the Green Revolution. He promoted the use of harmful chemicals and genetic modification to foods, among other practices, in order to expand production becoming abundantly massive.

Organic farming receives many different names, always referring to the same thing. In English-speaking countries give the name of the organic; farming, adopting the same name organic products; conservation agriculture, sustainable agriculture ... One of the objectives is to maintain a production environment capable of withstanding not force him to get exorbitant amounts totally contrary to nature.

In 2006 there were over 30 million hectares belonging to about 700,000 producers worldwide, although it is not even 1% of agricultural land worldwide. Leader in the growing percentage of Liechtenstein (29%), Austria (13%) and Switzerland (12%). Australia as a leader in production with 12.3 million hectares, followed by China with 2.3 million, 1.6 million US, Italy 1.1 million, Spain and France with 0'55 and 0'92 million.

The demand for this type of product is estimated that globally up between 10% and 15% annually.

The EU regulates and monitors organic production according to regulations 834/2007 which specifies cultivation techniques required to aconsegir relevant certificates according to organic production is.

All so the plants can flourish, grow and reproduce through traditional cultivation, looking always respect nature and thus achieved greatly reduces dirt produced by humans in laboratories and factories, only pollute the environment.

It is helpful to everyone, not just for plants.


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